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Jun 8, 2012

New release, "Never Fade Away" has been posted. This one is dear to our hearts, as it's inspired by a truly great man in our lives who will never fade away. We love you, Walter! Until we meet again...

Jan 31, 2012

The first of another dozen or so planned tracks is being uploaded today, assuming we will still be editing it a bit when everything is wrapping up and we're getting all the new tracks beside each other. We wanted to put one online though and give it a spin while we wrap up the next group of them. This one is called 'Don't Tell Me' and has been a lot of fun to get this far. Enjoy!

Fall, 2011

New stuff is finally coming together. Keep an eye out for a new song or two as we are digging into about an hour's worth of new music and trying to figure out if there's another CD in there. The progress is slow but we're fired up about how it's going.

Updates, Long Overdue

OK well many things have been going on. There are a few new tracks up, further confounding what style, if any, this music belongs to. We just write 'em and go with it. Check out Face and Head for the newest stuff. We are finishing up the last 2 tracks and the CD will be just about ready to go!

A few other updates...

I (John) moved to San Antonio so Joe and I are learning how to do a lot of this long-distance, which isn't as hard as one would think with modern technology. Luckily the majority of the recording was already done so it's been a lot of post and punch-ins. I'm set up to record again for the most part, albeit with a LOT less equipment (and time) but our next project is gonna be fantastic we hope, as we wrap up this one; a project that has taken a year to put together and many years to write and build up to. So much more has been started and didn't make it onto this CD so we are pretty stoked about bringing many (and I do mean many!) more songs and fun diversions into future stuff.

I am hearing that more musicians may be coming together to be part of this and especially future work - and bring it into a live setting - so this is a great thing. We got Michaela's vocal stylings and Skye's Brass Attack on the most recent track, along with Lily's random and hilarious contribution also. Miss Lily, by the way, decided to to sing the 'Yellow Submarink' on her own - we asked her to sing whatever she wanted and that's what came out. I didn't even know a 5 year old knew Beatles lyrics but you gotta salute the Playstation people for that I suppose.

Tell your friends and go connect with us on MySpace and Reverbnation too, we are starting to get a lot more listeners and just want to spread it around. Let us know if you want a CD when they're done; we're gonna pony up to press and print them properly so there won't be many due to the obvious expenses with that. When it's all over, it's all about the fun, and writing music with our kids now which is indescribably rewarding. Thanks for sharing it with us.

John & Joe


Cocoon has been uploaded. This track marks the turn in the CD toward more introspective and darker themes, and probably best represents our current dilemma of figuring out exactly what we want to sound like. Rather than try to force something we let the writing and influences dictate how the music turns out, so we offer an interesting (hopefully) track with a 5/4 beat and an unexpected Bowie flavor!

Let us know what you think! We are enjoying this path in the current writing.

First CD Mapped Out

We have passed the 75% mark in completing the tracks intended for the CD, most of which have been in some sort of progress as far back as last November. Here is the tentative, but probable track list:

The Raven
Outtake 1
Outtake 2
Patch of Grass
Outtake 3

The whole thing looks to be around 47 minutes or so, and we already have work coming together for the next project. Let us know if you're interested in actually owning a CD of this sort, we are considering printing a small run proper if the interest is there.

Email if you think you'd like one, or think it's worth buying, or just think we are out of our minds.

End of July - New tracks

As our songwriting/recording phases wrap up (it's been almost a year!) we find ourselves about 75% done with the planned CD and put up versions of Box and the intro instrumental! Cocoon, Fingers and a couple new ones are on the horizon too, so you should get a chance to hear the darker phase of the lineup.

Enjoy, And we can't wait to finish the whole thing - pieces of the next project are already underway too!

July 2009 - Short attention spans work in our favor for once

While we were working on finishing up 4 (yeah, 4!) new tracks for the project late lastnight, we happened to stumble into a cover of one of our favorite songs, Bob Marley's Redemption Song. We hadn't tackled it before, the cut's a bit rough, and I think we only attempted 2 full takes, but we just let it be what it was...

We think the Magic Fistbump from Autumn may have played a part. We hope you like it!

Now back to those next tracks ;)

July 2009 - 'Spent' released (finally!) along with improved version of 'Patch of Grass'

After over 6 months of cutting, adding to, and cutting again, we are proud to finally let our third track Spent out of the nest... Enjoy!

It started out nearly 7 minutes long, way too indulgent, and just 'not right.' We feel like we could tweak it until eternity but decided to let it go and get your feedback, as we have no fewer than 5 more songs in progress and a couple instrumental tracks being chopped up too.

Keep your ears peeled for 'Dreams,' 'Head,' 'Crazy' and 'Fingers' - all in progress as we post this update! Thanks for your support and please let us know what you think.

Love, peace and all that,

January 2009 - The Raven Approaches....

OK So there have been quite a few late nights since we decided to try any of this, but we are happy to report the next track is imminent, for anyone who is interested.

The Raven (which might still get renamed) is technically the opening track on the planned project (Patch of Grass falls into the 4th position right now) and I can tell you I just heard the latest version of the song and we can't wait to share it.

Hopefully by this weekend we will put up at least a rough cut - I suppose they are all rough really - and we would love to hear your feedback and possibly get your support in spreading the good vibes. Connect with us on MySpace or ReverbNation so we can do just that!

Spent is still not ready to leave the nest, although it is also nearly finished, and will introduce a little more electric voice than what it's sisters have expressed so far. Following that, it appears the next one will take you on a ride with a travelling still (yeah like a whiskey still), and is lots of fun, which is really all any of this is about.

Also, we may have significant additions to our lineup we are quite excited about. Time will tell and so will we, when things come together.

To the friends we have thus far, thanks and seriously I am loving your music. It's all about the acts of doing it and hearing it... so thank you for doing it!

Times are tough out there. Art and music, in any form, will be the anchor if we let it.

Peace and Love,

Second full-length CD in progress

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